Listen to our specially curated playlists which attempt to be historically acurate, thematically relevant, and, most importantly, entertaining!
Also featuring 'I Want My MTV', our curated pick of the best rockumentaries on Netflix.


To accompany our podcast interview with George Underwood, we've created this accompanying playlist which features songs from some of the albums George worked on, as well as a song by Calvin James, George's rebel without a cause pop-star persona. Explore the iconic album covers he created in our blog post.


Following our podcast on the history of the Ricky Tick Club, we asked resident club DJ, Martin Fuggles, to compile a top 20 of the songs played before (and after!) sets by some of the most iconic bands of the era. Includes lots of acts that would later go on to be described as 'northern soul' or 'motown'.


To coincide with our podcast interview with Ray Foulk, co-creator and founder of the Isle of Wight Festivals 1968 to 70, we've compiled a playlist of some of the live sets from 1970 available on streaming services. In no particular order you'll find Jimi HendrixThe WhoThe DoorsMiles DavisTerry ReidEmerson, Lake & Palmer, and Leonard Cohen's sets. Plus a bonus track: 'Highway 61' by Bob Dylan in 1969. Listen now on:


To support the #Buddy80 celebrations at the Iowa Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, we have created a playlist recognising the huge influence Holly had with British musicians in the 1960s including The Beatles, Rolling Stones, and Eric Clapton... But as an artist Holly transcends generations and our playlist brings us right up to the present day and includes  songs released on 'Rave On Buddy Holly', a 2012 cover album project. Find out more about the #Buddy80 celebrations here.


Our first video playlist! The best rockumentaries and music films. Volume one of I Want My MTV features the Netflix exclusives Keith Richards Under the Influence (2015), What Happened Miss Simone? (2015), as well as, The Other One: The Long Strange Trip of Bob Weir (2015). We hope you enjoy our very first "visual playlist" - don't worry we'll be back with audio playlists soon! 

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Our video playlist returns! The best rockumentaries and music films available on Netflix. Volume two of I Want My MTV features Netflix exclusive Jimi Hendrix: Voodoo Child (2016), Janis: Little Girl Blue (2015), the classic Searching for Sugar Man (2012) which took the film/music world by storm, and Reincarnated (2012) about Snoop Dogg and Jamaica.

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To coincide with the launch of our Rolling Stones in London Music Map, we've compiled the original songs that the Rolling Stones covered at their first gig at the Marquee in Soho, London on 14th July 1962 into a playlist! Read more about their first concert over at our blog. Listen now:


Music Heritage UK Trustee and Podcast Producer Andy Grazebrook shared with us his Jimi Hendrix inspired playlist which accompanies our podcast on the new Hendrix exhibition in London. The playlist covers songs written and recorded whilst he was living in the small flat in Brook Street with his girlfriend Kathy Etchingham. Find out more about the songs chosen on our blog. Listen now:


Pete Chambers, founder and curator of the Coventry Music Museum shares with us a Coventry themed playlist. Find out more about his song choices in our accompanying blog post. Thanks, as always, to Pete for his time! Listen now:


Music Heritage UK supporter and Bowie fan, Mark Adams sent us this amazing playlist of some of Bowie's best "deep cuts". Discover (or re-discover) some of the lesser known, but no less musically brilliant songs from throughout Bowie's lengthy and diverse career. Listen now:


Music Heritage UK supported the campaign to save the historic and "forgotten" venue, the Starlite Ballroom in Greenford, London from developers in 2014. Unfortunatley the old ballroom has been torn down. We collected songs from the artists who graced the former North West London venue including, David Bowie, The Who and The Moody Blues. Listen now:


Supporting our work publicising the history of the former venue which is where The Rolling Stones first met, we compiled a playlist of some of the acts that played Ealing Club and Alexis Korner's R&B Club night, including The Small FacesThe Yardbirds and The Animals. Listen now:


Eel Pie Island - the playlists

Following the opening of the Eel Pie Island pop-up Museum and our podcast featuring the curator Michele Whitby, we compiled three playlists to document the music that was played on this small island in the Thames. 

The rules… one song from each act in chronological order and, where possible, the song must be from around the same time that they would have graced the stage.

Volume I: The Jazz Years features the creme de la creme of the big band/jazz scene which was played from the opening of Eel Pie Island as a music venue in 1957. Featuring an array of jazz acts including Ken ColyerMick Mulligan, and Terry Lightfoot. Apologies to jazz-purists, we compiled this without an in-depth knowledge of the genre! However it does give a feel for the kind of music that would have been played. Listen now:


Volume II: The R&B Years documents the rise of the new musical order - the R&B acts, led by a Rolling Stones residency early in their career. The playlist covers the music played between 1962 and the venue's first closure in 1967 and features The YardbirdsManfred Mann, and Cream. Listen now:


Volume III: Colonel Barefoot's Rock Garden collects songs from the emerging prog-rock and heavy rock scenes in the venue's final incarnation and includes, Pink FloydMott the HoopleDeep Purple and Hawkwind. Despite being a shorter period in time, the playlist is the longest of the three, reflecting the more experimental nature of popular music at the time which had moved far beyond the three minute single.Listen now on: